About Us

Dr. Laura Collins Ph.D.

Dr. Collins and her staff provide expertise in various areas of evaluation and research to programs in the greater Puget Sound area. Her work includes proposal design, evaluation and research planning, needs assessment, data collection, both qualitative and quantitative analysis, and tailored reporting. Throughout her tenure at the University of Washington and as an independent consultant, she has worked diligently, utilizing her insight and passion for learning, to connect program evaluation and research with improved practice.

Jill Weber

Jill Weber is a graduate of the University of Nebraska and holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Communication Studies and English.  After graduation, Jill moved to the Seattle area to pursue a career with AT&T Wireless where she worked as a Project Manager in Information Technology as well as in the Marketing group, and was a corporate trainer for new hires.  During her time at AT&T, Jill was in charge of managing large cross-company project teams and several large technology projects.

In 2005, Jill expanded her skills as a research analyst and completed the University of Washington Certificate in Program Evaluation.  Currently, Jill uses her unique experience and knowledge to provide personal service to programs so that they can become more effective and better understand their outcomes.  

Mark Collins

Mark Collins brings his extensive experience in business settings to the CRL.  As a leader in regional business environments, Mark’s strong work ethic and leadership qualities add value and drive decision making in order to support businesses and educational organizations as they restructure for the future. 


As a graduate of Eastern Washington University, Mark’s Bachelor degree in English/Technical Communications positions him perfectly for the development of data gathering methods such as online surveys and in-person interviews.  Mark is committed to high quality deliverables.  His responsiveness and easy-to-work-with style ensures seamless process management and professional service.